Visit the 2M Gems writing blog. This blog is a special place for the 2M Gems to write freely and independently. Here, they try their best to use their knowledge of of grammar, spelling, punctuation and text types as they write.

geo-Greeting_Label.png GeoGreeting is a fun site that links your chosen message to bird's eye view images of buildings in Google Earth. Just type in your message, or even spelling words, then watch the message play in the form of buildings that are the shape of letters of the alphabet.

Spell_with_Flickr.png Spell with Flickr is another web-based tool that enables you to type in text then matches each letter of that text with an image from the One Letter Flickr Group . Individual letters can be changed if you don't like the images that are chosen then you can use the embed code to paste the images on any website.

Bubbl.us_logo.png Bubbl.us is a free web tool that let's you brainstorm online. It allows individuals and groups of collaborators to organise their ideas in colourful mindmaps. These mindmaps can be easily shared with others via email or there is an embed code to place your mindmap on your website.

Primary_pad.pngPrimary Pad is a web-based word processor designed specifically for schools that allows students and teachers to collaborate together in real-time.
Each person collaborating on the pad has a different text colour that allows you to easily track changes to the document. Primary pad also has a chat feature and files can be imported onto the pad. You can share your pad via email or by posting the pad's url online. Your pad can also be exported as a
Word, PDF, HTML or plain text file.

Piclits_logo.pngPicLits is a combination of words, added to a photograph, to capture the essence, meaning or story of the image. The provides pictures and a word bank that prompts students to write more creatively.

wallwisher.jpg Wallwisher is an online noticeboard maker where students can easily collaborate, brainstorm, ask questions or share their lerarning by posting a sticky note to a virtual noticeboard. The great feature about Wallwisher is that the stickies can include text, images and video.

Twiducate is a private twitter-like service for your classroom, created by teachers.

Screen_shot_2010-07-07_at_10.47.01_AM.pngStorybird has collected pictures from many artists that students can use to illustrate their stories. Once the story has been published, it can be embedded elsewhere. Stories can be written collaboratively with another user (or classroom). Each of these stories is read before it is published, which takes about 24 hours. Example here and here The stories are not published if the creators deem it to be inappropriate.

Screen_shot_2010-07-07_at_10.25.17_AM.pngThis tool allows your student to choose characters and a setting, plan a story, and then create it. As the student manipulates the characters, the text of the story changes to support what is happening in the pictures. This text is editable, and it can be printed when complete. It needs to be completed in one setting, as it is not save-able.

Representing and Shaping

external image 4683198238_7e7be3a48b_m.jpg

Children show the things they have learned by representing it. This learning can be captured with a digital camera and then posted for the children to reflect.


Dreezle is an online drawing program. You can change the colour or style of the drawing tool as well as stamp some images. When the drawing is complete, it can be printed or saved on your computer.


On the Crayola drawing site, children can choose the type of Crayola product and the colour to create drawings.


This is an ABCya site. Students can draw using pencil, a variety of brushes or a paint can.

To save these images on a PC computer:
Push the print screen key. Open the Paint program and "Paste" the image of the whole screen into Paint. You can then use the cropping tool to choose only the image you want. Copy this smaller image, then paste it into a new window of Paint. Save this image using File, Save from the menu at the top.
To save these images on a Mac computer:
Hold down Command, Shift and 4 at the same time. Use the cursor that appears to draw a box around what you want in your image. When you release the mouse click, the image will be saved to your desktop.