There are many online sites where children can hear and read stories. These can be used at a listening center or as a listening activity.


You can find some on this Google Doc (add some links of your own if you have some!) and on The KinderKids Learning Page under READ AN ONLINE BOOK


The Belkin RockStar could almost be described as a 21st century listening post. This nifty little gadget allows you to connect up to five headphones to a variety of media devices including laptops, dvd players, ipods and other MP3's.



VoiceThread is free online tool used to create a collaborative, multimedia side show that can display images, documents and videos. Others can navigate the pages and leave comments in 5 ways - voice (mic or telephone), text, audio, video-with web cam.


Vocaroo is a free recording site. After you record, the site gives you a link to this recording, or the html cold for a widget which may be embedded into an online space. Example here


Fotobabble is another tool for recording that allows you to add voice to your photos via an app on your iphone or the Fotobabble website. You can then link to or
embed your Fotobabble on a website or share via Twitter.

SonicPics.pngSonicPics is an easy to use app for the iPhone that allows you to create slideshows from your images that you can then share online. Images can be added from your iPhone's photo library or camera, you arrange your photos, then narrate the project to create an enhanced m4v video which can be uploaded directly to YouTube.


Skype is a free internet-based phone service. You can use it to talk to and listen to other classrooms, students who are sick at home, experts... you are only limited by your imagination!

voki_logo.jpg Voki is a service that allows you to create speaking avatars. Students can use them to tell, expalin or describe without having to be able to write. Students can make comments on other vokis. Audio can be recorded directly on the website or pre-recorded and uploaded at another time.